29 June 2020



Well done for completing all of the punctuation and grammar activities last week.  Some of them were challenging, however I am sure you will have tried your very best.


This week we will be focusing on  spelling patterns.  Hopefully you will all have a work pack that we left in the entrance.  In the pack there are a range of spelling activities.  It doesn't matter what order you complete the worksheets, there are 5, one for each day. 

Below is a powerpoint linked to the spelling pattern to help you to remember it.


At the end of the week you could ask a member of your family to test you on the spellings we have been learning.  I wonder how many you can get correct?  

2019 KS2 Outcomes - Writing 88% EXS. 24% GD Reading 88% EXS. 53% GD Maths 94% EXS. 41% GD SPAG 94% EXS. 65%GD