Activities for the week beginning 13th July

Well we have got to the final week of this term. We are both very proud of all of you for getting on and completing all the tasks and activities set each week and we have really enjoyed reading the lovely work that you have sent us. This week we have set you a variety of little tasks each day that will take you to the end of the term. We hope that you enjoy your week.


Monday - A letter to your Miss Hetherton

Write a letter to Miss Hetherton to let her know a little bit about you. Here are a few ideas of what you could include. You could tell her about your favourite subjects, hobbies, sports. Do you enjoy learning about science or history? What are you looking forward to the most in September? What will you be doing in the summer holidays? Do you have any pets? You could write a little bit about your family. What are your best achievements? What would you like to do when you are older?


Top Tip: Look back at the letters you wrote to the NSA and Planning department for Edna to remind you of the features of a letter.


Tuesday – Memories

Write a few paragraphs of your memories in Year 4. It has been an interesting year for us all and it would be lovely to read some of your own memories. Think back to when you first came into the class back in September how did you feel? What activities have you enjoyed the most this year? Who have you enjoyed playing with? What was your most favourite thing that you did during Year 4? Think about all the different things that you have learnt about. What was your best piece of work that you were proud of? 


Wednesday – Adverbs and Fronted Adverbials

Today we are going to spend some time looking at adverbs and fronted adverbials. Don’t forget where the comma needs to go!

Thursday – It’s your Story

Over the next two days you are going to plan and write a story of your choice. Today you will focus on building your scene and characters along with a plan for your story. 


  1. Use the story planning document below to plan your story .
  2. Use the character profile document below to sketch and describe the character/s of your story.
  3. Create a word bank that you can use when writing up your story.
  4. Draw a front cover for your story.

Friday – Write it up!

Now that you have your plan, character description and word bank you can write up your story. Have fun and enjoy your writing. We are really looking forward to reading your amazing stories. 


Top tip: Don’t forget to proof read your writing.

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