Afternoon Activities

Why not have a go at entering a drawing competition? 


North Yorkshire Moors Railways has launched a specially themed drawing competition, with the winner receiving a trip to the railway for their entire class. All you have to do is think about what the railway might have looked like during wartime and put pen to paper to draw your own interpretation of it.

Research a musical instrument of your choice

Where do the ideas of musical instruments come from? Who invented them? What country are they made? What materials are they made from? How do the instruments work? How are they made? What musical instruments do they play in Africa, Ireland, Japan or Australia? Use the links below to research a musical instrument of your choice. Or to simply research all the different musical instruments around the world.


Create a poster to feature your research.


Some resources that you might find helpful:

An animated tour of musical instruments from around the world, hosted by "Dee". Created for a 3rd grade music classroom.

Make your own musical instrument

Can you make your own musical instrument? 

Can you make a string instrument?

Can you make some shakers or drums?

What materials could you use?


Have a look at the links below for inspiration and ideas. If you can’t find the materials needed see if you can think of an alternative material to use.

French and Spanish

Make it Fly! Have a go at this exciting experiment. We would love to see what you discovered.

ICT, Internet and Online Safety

Andy Goldsworthy (1956) : Land art and environmental art

Be inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and brainstorm how to create art in a natural environment and record your ideas. Your work could be created outsider inside with natural materials, you may also choose to represent the natural textures and shapes through any other medium. Watch this video which shows some of the work by Andy Goldsworthy for ideas.

Dragons' Den Project

Art Project - Facial Proportions!

Mini Master Mind Project.

Have a go at creating your own Time Capsule.

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