Afternoon Activities

Summer 2nd Half - 1st June 

If we were all together in class we would be having a geography focus this half term.  We would be looking at map skills, our local area and comparing our locality to somewhere different.  So, we have added some activities that you may enjoy while you are at home.  If you have other ideas around this topic, please send us photographs of you doing it as your friends may also enjoy it!  We hope some of these activities would link in with walks or biking that you might be doing!

Enjoy drawing? 


Why not try one of the draw with Rob video's on the link below.  

Can you draw a map of

your local area?

(see below for help)


While on a walk, can you spot the different features from your map? 

Could you take photographs of these?

Teach your family the 7 continent song!

Explore the UK...

(Use the information below to help)

Research about your local area (use the sheet below)

Take a (safe) walk around your local area..what sign can you spot? (see sheet below)


Use google earth to find your house.  Can you identify the places around you?


Can you use your map skills and draw a 'birds eye' view plan of your bedroom? Can you make a 'barefoot island'??  (see sheet below)
Use Lego or similar to construct your house! Use your imagination to create a map of an enchanted forest!


Make and play the board game below! 



7 Continents Song | Song about the 7 Continents

Have a go at creating your own Time Capsule!

A lovely calm task to keep your hands busy and your heart happy!

I've been thinking how much I miss my friends this week.   Do you miss your friends?  How about having a go at making all your friends a friendship band for when you see them again? Have some calm fun, be busy and have a go - there's a video to explain what to do:

How to make a friendship bracelet with a cardboard loom

How to make a friendship bracelet with a cardboard loom

Home Art 1:Mark Making to Music (Remember when Mrs Beecham did a similar art/music lesson with you? Have fun!

The first vlog by The Primary Art Class - suitable for all ages. Using the Mark Making to Music (

Over the next few weeks we would like you to learn about 'The Great Fire of London' using some of the activities below...



Research what is 'The Great Fire of London'

Why is it famous?

How did it spread?

Imagine you lived in London

during the Great Fire.

Write a diary entry to describe

what happened and how you felt.

Make a model house from 1666 out of junk materials.
Create a timeline of events for the fire.

Use this link to learn more about the fire. 

Make a sheet of paper look old by using cold coffee. Can you use this to write your diary entry, 

Design your own new city.

How would you design your city to help prevent the spread of fire?

Create a map of London in 1666 showing the location of the River Thames, Pudding Lane bakery and where the fire spread. This could be drawn or collaged.

Create a fact sheet about the Great Fire of London or Samuel Pepys.

Create art work to represent the London skyline. 

Write a recount as a journalist from a local newspaper. Film your report and email to Mrs Duffield and Mrs Davenport.                            



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