Although I won't be putting any new challenge questions up, I have put all the old ones in a document, without any of the answers.  If you haven't managed to do them all, or if you'd like to have another go - here they are! 

(Afterwards, you can check your answers below)


I won't be putting any more new challenges on here at the moment but here are the answers from last term. 


Friday 3rd April: Challenge questions

They get harder as you many can you do?


Challenge 1 

Emma has 98 seashells, Sam has 23 more seashells than Emma.  How many seashells does Sam have? 98+23=121


Challenge 2

Maggie folds 216 paper aeroplanes. She folds 39 more aeroplanes than Jake does.  How many paper aeroplanes does Jake fold? Can you draw a bar model to prove it? 216-39=177


Challenge 3

Can you fill in the blanks?

23 x 7 = 161

142 x 6 = 852

48 x 7 = 336



Thursday 2nd April: Challenge questions


Challenge 1   

A farmer collects 127 tomatoes and 235 strawberries.  How many does he have altogether? Can you draw a bar model to show your answer?

Challenge 2  



Challenge 3

Which number is the odd one out? 53, 124, 230  Explain it - be as creative as you like!

These were the reasons I thought of...did you think of different ones?

230 is the only multiple of ten, the only number over 200 and the only number with a zero in the ones column.

53 is the only 2-digit number, the only odd number.

124 has an even tens digit and is the only multiple of 4.

Did you have a different one? Why did you choose it?


Wednesday 1st April: Challenge questions

Since it's April Fool's Day today, I thought it might be fun to do some maths riddles.  Here's mine - can you work it out?  Once you have tried, why not design your own maths riddles (or two!). Try testing them on your adult.  How did they get on? 

(Tip: if you're stuck, work backwards)

2 x 20 = 40

40 - 2 = 38

38 + 10 = 48 

48 divided by 2 = 24

Did you get it right?


Tuesday 31st March: Challenge questions

How did you get on yesterday? Don't worry if you can't answer all of them - they get harder as you go.  Just try your best: read the question carefully and remember - a bar model could help you. 


Challenge 1

A piece of luggage weights 12kg.  The empty luggage weights 5kg.  Find the mass of the clothes.


Challenge 2 

Molly has 10 days to finish a project.  She has to spend 1/5 of her time planning the project.  How many days does Molly spend planning the project?

Molly spends 2 days finishing her project. 


Challenge 3

    Alfie says that if he has 24 fossils and he shares them equally between himself, Isaac, Charlie           and Jake, each person will have 5 fossils.

    Is he correct? How do you know?

Alfie is wrong: 24 divided by 4 = 6, each person will get 6 fossils.


Monday 30th March: Challenge questions

How many can you answer?


Challenge 1

In a class there are 13 boys and 19 girls. How many more girls than boys are there? Use a bar model to show your answer. Don't forget to label it.

There are 6 more girls than boys.


Challenge 2

Jenny's ribbon is 75 cm long.  Emma's ribbon is three times as long as Jenny's ribbon.  What is the total length of their ribbons? Draw a bar model and label it to answer the question. 


Challenge 3

3kg = 3,000g

3,000g divided by 4 = 750g

750g x 2  = 1,500g

1,500g divided by 6 = 250g

Each car weights 250g 



Friday's Challenges


Challenge 1



21x3=63, largest 

23x1=23, smallest

I got six different calculations - did you beat me? Email me and let me know!


 Challenge 2

22 x 8 = 176, 28x4=112, 184x4=736


Thursday's Challenges


Challenge 1 - Find the difference

Did you get them all?



Use these 4 digits in the four spaces. What are all the possible answers you can find? (Hint: there are more than 10!)


Challenge 2 - Magic Squares

Copy this square into your books then fill in the missing numbers in the square to make each row and column add up to the same amount


















Wednesday's Challenges


Challenge 1

When you add the digits in the number 15, they total 6.
Which other two digit numbers total 6 when their digits are added together?
Now investigate which three digit numbers total 6.

Two digit numbers totalling 6:

15, 24, 33, 42, 51

Three digit numbers totalling 6:

114, 123, 132, 141, 213, 222, 231, 312, 321, 411


Don't forget to draw your bar models for the next two questions!

Challenge 2

There are 24 marbles in a jar.  Jenny puts 124 more marbles into the jar.  How many marbles are there in the jar now?


Challenge 3

There are 5 times as many boys as there are girls at a party.  There are 8 girls at the party.  How many children are there altogether at the party?

boys: 5x8=40

girls: 8  

altogether: 40+8=48



Tuesday's Challenges

Challenge 1

There are 3 ways to add 4 odd numbers to make 10. 

Prove it!

Challenge yourself: Now find all the ways to add 8 odd numbers to make 20.

1+1+1+7=10       1+1+3+5=10       1+3+3+3=10



Challenge 2

Lulu has 500 buttons.

She sells 201 buttons.  How many buttons does Lulu have left? Draw a bar model to help you find the answer.

500-201 = 299


Challenge 3 

A postman has to deliver 358 letters.  He delivers some letters and has 289 letters left to deliver. How many letters has he delivered?  Don't forget to draw and label your bar model - it will help you find the answer. 

358 - 289 = 69

2019 KS2 Outcomes - Writing 88% EXS. 24% GD Reading 88% EXS. 53% GD Maths 94% EXS. 41% GD SPAG 94% EXS. 65%GD