The curriculum is at the heart of all we do. 

 Our intent is to teach a broad and balanced curriculum meeting the demands and challenges of all areas of the National Curriculum.  At St.Mary's we aim to develop happy and confident individuals with a secure foundation in learning that will last throughout their lives. We believe that it is important that our pupils have an enriched learning experience. Therefore we place great emphasis on providing opportunities for our pupils that they might not otherwise have. Our curriculum is designed so that it is progressive and builds on prior learning so children are challenged. We are designing our own curriculum, to consider our unique context and prepares our children not only for secondary school, but to excel in the areas they are able to. Through educating the 'whole child' we develop the uniqueness and talents of all of our pupils that is rooted in our Catholic faith.


Our St Mary's character has been designed to support our pupils to be global citizens by;

        Being ambitious for our pupils.                                   Impart powerful knowledge

        Risk takers                                                                     Build resilience

        Celebrating challenge                                                  Become creative, critical thinkers

        Confidently challenge in a respectful way                 Promote debate


If you would like more information about our long term plans, please speak to the class teacher or contact the school.

God's Servant First