Each week I will post a new Pobble picture on here. Each day I will set certain tasks around the given picture, building up to a written piece and editing at the end of the week. When writing, try to include all the features we have looked at throughout Year 6. To help you in this, I have included the end of year expectations and key MC Grammar songs to help you remember. I will also uploaded specific ares of SPaG that will help you in regards to SATs SPaG paper. 

Activity 1 (Week 1)

Activity 1 (Week 1) 1

Task 1: 

Study the picture and think about these questions:

1) Who can you see?

2) Who do you think the main character is?

3) Why are they in an aeroplane?

4) Is it set in the present or past?

5) Where are they going?

7) Based on the picture, what genre of story do you think it might be?

8) Based on the picture, what would be a suitable title for your story?

Task 2: Sentence challenge

1) Can you draw a picture of what Poppy can see?

2) Can you create 10 descriptive sentences for what one of the characters can see?  


Task 3: Sick Sentence

How many ways can you find to improve the sentence below?

The plane went through the sky. It was cloudy. The wind blew.


Task 4: Descriptive writing

Write no more than a page describing the flight. Think about what Poppy can see,feel etc.. Remember to include all the Year 6 writing features (semi colons, embedded clauses etc..)

Task 5:Editing Station

Using online dictionary and thesaurus, can you up level and improve your story? When you're proud of your work, read it to an adult.

Checklist for Activity 1 final draft

Activity 2 (Week 2)

The Small Shoemaker

Task 1 (Monday):

Retell the story of the Little Shoemaker in a comic book style.

Task 2 (Tuesday):

Write a set of instructions (using the features we have used: introduction,you will need, bullet pointed steps)

Task 3 (Wednesday):

Create an advertisement that the shoe maker could place in a newspaper (think rhetorical questions/ hyperbole etc)

Task 4 (Thursday):

Write a descriptive piece on the shoes the Little shoemaker is selling (Think Marks & Spencer- it's not just leather, it's luxurious organically grown leather from free range cows...etc... You guys are brilliant at this)

Here's a reminder for you!!

Task 5 (Friday):

It's time to edit! use an online thesaurus to up level your shoe stall descriptions. If you're feeling brave, read it to an adult (add back ground music to really set the tone!) 

Music to read your Little shoe maker to

Activity 3 (week 3)

Activity 3 (week 3) 1

Task 1 (Monday)

Think about the following questions:

  • Who are the 2 people in the picture?
  • What is in the box?
  • Is it a good or bad thing?
  • How old is the handsome man?laugh
  • Where are they?
  • Are they in danger?
  • Who sent the mystery object?
  • Is the mystery object valuable in money terms?
  • Does anybody else want their hands on the mysterious object?
  • Does anybody else know the handsome couple have discovered it?


Task 2 (Tuesday)

Draw a picture of what you think is in the box. Add colour and detail to your picture (it will help you later on!)


Task 3 (Wednesday)

Write a script of what the two people would have said before and after opening the box


Task 4 (Thursday/Friday)

Once upon a time lived a dashingly handsome prince, who was married to an evil stepmother. One day, whilst in their kitchen, they discovered a mysterious box. At first, the wise prince was reluctant to open the unusual box but the evil stepmother moaned and moaned until he finally gave in. As soon as they had opened the box, they realised they had made a grave mistake........


Using the above story starter, write a fairytale adventure of what happened next. You have 2 days to write this so see how far your imagination can take you. Try to include direct speech (correctly) into your story.

2019 KS2 Outcomes - Writing 88% EXS. 24% GD Reading 88% EXS. 53% GD Maths 94% EXS. 41% GD SPAG 94% EXS. 65%GD