We will be using the White Rose Maths Home-learning website to help support the children with their daily maths.  This is very much inline with the methods we use in school.

Here you can access 5 maths lessons each week, which have a lesson video and then worksheets for children to complete. You can print these or follow my instructions below on using an iPad. There are also answer sheets provided for parents.  I hope this helps the children to be as independent as possible with their Maths, as well as helping yourself in understanding the methods we use. 


Join in the daily maths!

A regular daily learning routine will help your child to learn more effectively at home, and just one 20-30 minute White Rose Maths session each day will really help your child to keep them learning and motivated. What’s more, the White Rose Maths Team will be online each weekday between 10.00 and 11.00am – great opportunities for your child to show and share their work, questions and ideas every day via any of the White Rose Maths social media channels.


Please click on the above link and complete this weeks lessons from the Whiterose Maths Home-Learning Year 2 page. 


How to answer the questions using an iPad

You can now check your answers against the website!  How did you do?  Did you get them right? Have you learnt from a mistake you made? 

Beat your score!!!

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