Meet the Governors

St. Mary’s RC School Governors are enthusiastic and committed people who ensure the requirements of the national curriculum are met by the school and set targets, monitor achievement and ensure standards are improving.  Our Governors are drawn from the wider community who have an interest in education and a useful contribution to make. They include educationalists, business people, representatives of local community groups and religious bodies. 


All Governors are contactable through the school if you have issues you would like to discuss with them.



                                                               ~ Meet our Governors ~


Chair Of Governors - Lisa Gallon

I joined the board of governors in September 2018, acting as the finance governor.
I became involved as a school governor to support the school, using skills and knowledge from my previous career. The school is important to me, firstly because my son is a pupil there, but also because the school creates a sense of community and acts as an outpost from the parish church. In my previous careers I have worked in Public finance and understand the need for transparency in all public services, working on behalf of the public to ensure public funds are used in the most appropriate way for the benefit of all. I am also a qualified teacher and have a good understanding of how a well managed school can improve the outcomes for its students.  I would like to think I am friendly and approachable, I am at school most days and always willing to talk to parents.



Vice Chair - Father Tim Bywater


Foundation Governor - Tony Finlinson

I was appointed to the school Governor body in 2007, and in that time have seen the school grow. During this time I have been the chair of the sub committee for the building and finance part of the Governing body, and I have the specific role of the Health and Safety. As part of these duties I use my experience to ensure for a safe environment for both the pupils and staff so that the learning for the children is safe and maintaining their welfare.

Over the years my two eldest children were educated at St Mary’s and I currently have two children at the school, they have all thrived in the school and have felt safe throughout their time within the school buildings and grounds.

If you have any concerns for the safety and welfare of any of the pupils and staff, please feel free to approach me to discuss your concerns and I will ensure that the issues will be addressed appropriately.


Foundation Governor - Philip Westmacott

Philip and his wife Sue have 4 children, aged between 27 and 39, and 3 grandchildren aged 1, 4 and 6.  They all live in the South of England.  Sue and Philip however have lived in Barton-le-Street since 2000.  Philip is a retired lawyer who is currently the chair of the St Leonards’ Parish Pastoral Council in Malton and a trustee of the Diocese of Middlesbrough.  Sue is the Pastoral assistant in Malton. Philip spent his working life in London where he was a governor of St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College in North Kensington (think Grenfell Tower/Ladbroke Grove) for over 20 years until 2017.  Since leaving school in 1971 Philip has studied Engineering, English law and Canon Law (the law of the church). Philip enjoys walking, especially in the hills, cycling and some gardening.


Foundation Governor - Anne Pegg

When I worked for HMRC we were asked if we would consider being a school governor and I volunteered  and to my great pleasure I was appointed as a school governor to St Marys I could not believe my luck.

When I moved to Malton in 1977 I immediately enrolled my children in St Marys and then my grandchildren.  Soon to enter the school will be my Great Grandchild. I have watched the school grow over the years and obtain its highest Ofsted report with the hard work done by the teaching staff past and present.  It is a great school!


Parent Governor - Victoria Tyler

When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts” – the Dalai Lama.

In an education system judged by performance, this can sometimes be forgotten.  It is for this reason that we chose St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School for our two children.  St. Mary’s is a special place; a place that retains its holistic approach and family ethos.  As Parent Governor, I am especially keen to help ensure that St Mary’s remains this way in the face of tight government targets, narrowing curriculums and ever increasing funding cuts.

As a teacher and passionate linguist, with over 12 years of experience teaching in local schools, I want to use my experience, along with my passion for education, to ensure that our children get the very best opportunities.  I am driven by a desire to give them the best possible start and the foundations for a happy and healthy future.  It is, therefore, a privilege to represent the parents of St Mary’s, for the future of our children.


Parent Governor - Sabina Rojek-Strojecki

I have joined team of St. Mary’s RC School Governors in 2019.  

My two children are pupils at St. Mary’s and they enjoy every day.   As a parent and as a Governor, I wish every child in our school felt safe, happy and was supported in every aspect of their life. That they would carry that positive experience further with them into secondary school. 


Foundation Governor - Julie Kirton


If you wish to talk about things that concern you, I am there most mornings and afternoons. 


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