Work by Year 5

A review on the short animation - Monsterbox.

Oliver Quill - A PowerPoint on David Attenborough

Gemma’s biography on David Attenborough

Anna Lee’s Biography on David Attenborough

Henry’s Sea Turtle Fact Sheet

Keane's Fact Sheet on the Alligator Snapping Turtle

Anna F's facts on giraffes!

Isaac’s fantastic use of adjectives to describe an image.

Sky Turtle Fact Sheet

Turtle's Mission by Eric

Anna Lee’s Newspaper Article

Texan Cowboy - Once in a Lifetime

2019 KS2 Outcomes - Writing 88% EXS. 24% GD Reading 88% EXS. 53% GD Maths 94% EXS. 41% GD SPAG 94% EXS. 65%GD