Parent Voice


Parental Feedback to Curriculum

November 2022


I have been extremely impressed with the teaching at St Mary's so far. The range and quality of the information my daughter has been learning has been fantastic. Thank you for all your hard work.


Year 1

Very happy with how xxxxxx is doing in school and she loves going


Year 3

Through moving house so often, my 2 children between them growing up have been to 5 different schools. I can honestly say, this school has been far superior, the curriculum has engaged my child and she seems so much more happier to go to school. She looks forward to reading and learning her spellings, she is still behind the 'normal expected level for her age', but has come on leaps and bounds since starting at St Mary's.


Year 3

We are delighted with all aspects of the school


Year 3

My son is loving the new curriculum, we are very happy with the range of enrichment opportunities that have been offered in school. In just 7 weeks we have had a den building day, wonderdome planetarium and a artist in school to support pupils learning. Thank you


Year 4

Thank you for offering a much wider, more engaging and more challenging curriculum this academic year. Thank you for taking the time to invite parents into school for a brief look at the new curriculum. Thank you also for giving parents the opportunity to formally give their feedback. I believe it’s very important for a school, parents and children to work together and to listen to one another in order to secure the very best outcomes. The impact that this new curriculum has had on my daughter (and in fact the rest of the family!) is significant. She has found her love for learning again and she is happy to go to school. In her words, school is “fun” again and she is “learning more”. The curriculum is much more engaging and the breadth of subjects is a lot better. xxxxx is keen to tell us what she has been learning, she is genuinely excited by a lot of the learning she is doing. Furthermore, I strongly believe that children need to feel that they are being challenged, that they are achieving and that their learning has purpose. The CUSP curriculum appears to offer a much better level of challenge. It is also good to see links are now being made to our local area at times and trips being planned to embed learning, increase engagement and offer purpose. I believe things like baking, art and music are all extremely important for a child’s mental well-being. It is therefore great to see these back in the curriculum offer. As for the CUSP curriculum lessons themselves, it is great to see the 6 part lesson model now being used in school to ensure consistency and a clear progression path within each lesson. I like the support offered by the key vocabulary/concepts bookmark, I think the small steps from activity to activity and from lesson to lesson help to scaffold and increase the overall level of progress, the revisiting of key aspects and vocabulary is perfect. Underpinning this, the CUSP curriculum appears to have high expectations, which is great. Going forward, I would love to see a consistent MFL offer, with clear outcomes, structured 6 part lessons and lots of reinforcement of new vocabulary and concepts. xxxxx is like a different child when it comes to school this year. Keep the widened curriculum, variety of activities, trips and hands-on learning coming please! Thank you so much.


Year 5

We are very impressed with the revised curriculum offer at St Mary's, it is offering a wide range of subjects that are delivered to a very high level. Our daughter is coming home excited and motivated to learn. She talks confidently about the subjects she is learning and her new favourite subject is Geography and music. We are seeing lots of the amazing work on see saw and the vocabulary she is using is very impressive! Thank you for continuing to ensure our daughter has the highest standard of education. The curriculum afternoon was very much appreciated too, it was great to see the progress from EYFS to Y6.


Year 1

I am very happy with the curriculum you offer



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