Problem Solving

Attached is a PowerPoint which includes a variety of problem solving questions. Each question has been provided with a star rating. The more stars, the more challenging the problem!

Maths Number Game - Countdown

Follow the instructions on the video and then play against someone or try and beat the time you set for yourself!

Maths card game - 24

This is a game played with a pack of playing cards, with picture cards removed. Ace is worth 1 and each other card is worth the digit on the front. Players select 4 cards from a pile of playing cards. The aim of the game is to make 24 using only the 4 numbers on the cards and addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

2019 KS2 Outcomes - Writing 88% EXS. 24% GD Reading 88% EXS. 53% GD Maths 94% EXS. 41% GD SPAG 94% EXS. 65%GD