We understand that reading can be a hard task during this time due to limited amounts of books, activities etc. Here are some suggestions for online activities that your child can access.


Please don’t forget that reading anything and everything can help whether that be a newspaper, magazine, picture book or story book. To keep on practicing little but often is the key even if it involves you writing a paragraph in their books for them to read and answer. Please see our Reading star on the main page for more information

Oxford Owl

This website link breaks down what children learn and do in relation to reading and our curriculum, which could make a good read for those who are unsure and provide extra support.


Oxford owl have also released lots of free ebooks for children to read online. These can be accessed by the link below. The best way to choose an appropriate book for your child is to select a book by their reading level. You will find what colour they are on within their reading records. Also all children are familiar with what colour they are on but please let me know if you are unsure.





How to access (please note you will need to create an account to access the books)

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