Religious Education

Religious Education at St Mary’s is based on the national scheme ‘Come and See.’ Religious education recognises and enables a dialogue at many levels.



There are big questions that are to be answered by all the children from EYFS to Year 6. An example of this is 'Do you have to earn love?' R.E. takes up 10% of the curriculum, but is not totally confined to lesson time. R.E. permeates the whole life and ethos of the school. The whole school explores the same theme but from different aspects, through year group topics on a one year cycle. This enables the children to celebrate their new experiences and understanding together whatever their age.


The children will 'Explore' the topic in a way appropriate to their age range. Then they will come to the heart of the process, where they will 'Reveal' the Christian understanding of the mystery of God and human life as expressed in the person, life and gospel of Jesus Christ. The children will then 'Respond' to their new knowledge and understanding by celebrating together.


For one week of the Autumn term we spend all our R.E. time looking at Judaism and in the Spring and Summer term we look at another faith choosing from either Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism or Buddhism. This gives the children an experience and understanding of an Other Faith which is so important in our multi-cultural society.



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