St Mary's Samaritans

St Mary’s Samaritans

God's Servant First.


Who we are:

We are the St Mary’s Samaritans - the collective faith team for our school.

We are helping others to grow closer to God.

We will help our school be a community built on the teachings of Jesus.

We will help our pupils to have good relationships with everyone in our school.


What we do:

We lead collective worship.

We organise displays to help us pray and grow closer to God.

We organise celebrations and fund raising events.

We communicate with everyone in our school through Samaritan assemblies.

We meet every term to organise our work.

We produce a Samaritan’s newsletter for our school every term to tell our community about all our news and what we have achieved.

Meet the Samaritans

Year 6

Hello my name is Finola from Year 6.                                                                                               


I like being a Samaritan because it makes me feel like I am helping other children to learn the word of God. I really enjoy thinking of ways to fundraise for people around the world. I love helping write the newsletter because it makes me feel like I am teaching people how to follow God’s footsteps.   



Hello my name is Johnny from Year 6.


Being a Samaritan has made me a better person. I have found it rewarding raising funds for charity like CAFOD. I enjoy helping the younger children learn the truth about God.





Year 5

I am Evie a Year 5 Samaritan.


I enjoy helping make the newsletter and finding out what each class are learning in RE. I also enjoy helping the school by being caring and sharing the word of God.






I am William from Year 5.


I like to help the school learn about the Catholic way of life. I enjoy being a Samaritan and helping produce the newsletter.






Year 4

Hello I am Daisy from Year 4.


Being a Samaritan is exciting because you get to write the Samaritan’s newsletter. I like to raise money for charity and share God’s word.






Hello I am Dexter a Samaritan from Year 4.


I like doing RE, it is my favourite subject. I like preparing the newsletter with my Samaritan friends.






Year 3

My name is Grace from Year 3.


I share the word of God by showing other children how to play nicely and get on together.






Hello I am Harry a Samaritan from Year 3.


I enjoy all the activities we get to do as Samaritans. I remember burning the promises as part of Lent to represent taking away our sins.






Year 2

I am Henry from Year 2.


I enjoy learning about Jesus and showing other children how God will help them.






My name is Peaches from Year 2.


I enjoy looking after the school and helping other people.  I like to show them how the school is a special place.






Mrs Pegg Our Parish Samaritan


   Mrs Pegg is a governor and a member of our parish.  


2019 KS2 Outcomes - Writing 88% EXS. 24% GD Reading 88% EXS. 53% GD Maths 94% EXS. 41% GD SPAG 94% EXS. 65%GD