Year 3

St Mary's Virtual Sports Day


The St Mary's virtual sports day will run from Monday 13th July - Wednesday 15th July. There are 6 challenges for the children to complete and they can win a Gold (10 points), Silver (5 points) or Bronze (3 points) award for each activity. Once your child has completed the activities, the results need to be sent to Miss Hetherton on by Thursday 16th.  Miss Hetherton will then announce the house champions on Friday 17th. 


Please see the event guidance in the PDF document below which provides more information. 


(Thank you to Miss Hetherton for all her hard work and great ideas in designing this virtual event).

I hope you're enjoying the home learning activities.  Don't forget to check out the new Bug Club and get reading books that are on your book band level!  Look under the Reading star for more information.

I would love to hear what you think, you can always contact me on:


An example of home learning daily timetable:


9.00-9:30: Get Active!

It’s great to start the day by getting active! The Body Coach is providing free fitness content on his YouTube channel every weekday morning for children (and teachers!) of all ages.  I have really enjoyed doing the exercises every day.

We have also been provided with a login and password to RealPE at home which includes a variety of activities that children can take part in:

Parent email:
Password: stmarysrcp


9:30-9:45 – TT Rock Stars.

Please keep practising your times tables every day using this great app or via the TT Rock Stars website.


9:45-10.30 - Maths.

For maths I will continue to put up four quick arithmetic questions each day.  The change is that we will be using the excellent White Rose home-learning scheme which will have lots of different activities.  Each lesson includes:

  • Flashback 4 – recap questions from the previous day’s learning
  • A video – this provides the steps for the learning activity.
  • Maths activity – the questions can be written into the small yellow exercise book or can be answered using an iPad.  To use the iPad: screenshot the page and use the markup pen to complete the answers.  You can save the changes you have made to the camera roll.  I have included a pdf file help with this.




10.45-11.00 - Handwriting, spellings and Spelling Shed.


11.00-12.00 - Writing activity

I have created a PowerPoint which includes daily activities that lead up to a final piece of writing. Please follow the sequence of lessons and complete the work in your A4 handwriting book (if you still have space).

There are also some MC Grammar videos to look at.  These are a great way to remind yourself of the different grammatical features that you could use in your writing and they recap some of the learning you have already done.  


Afternoon Activities


There are a variety of options that you can choose for your afternoon activity:


Read a book: Reading is somewhere to go when we have to stay where we are.

I always enjoy hearing about the places your reading has taken you. Some of you have mixed potions at Hogwarts, travelled under the ocean, solved mysteries or lived with dragons.  At the moment, I’m reading a book that is set in Spain and South America – I can travel between continents and back through time without leaving my house!  Where is your reading taking you?  Drop me an email and let me know.  Maybe we could create a reading corner on our blog to share our favourite books? Send me your book reviews and I will put them up.  There's a book review form on the reading page you can use to help you, or just write it out in your book.


BBC Bitesize website - I will upload some of the daily lessons from the BBC Bitesize website (Afternoon Activities) which  are relevant to our previous learning in the Learning Challenge Curriculum. This will be a great way to recap your learning of history, science and geography.


Activities Grid – I will be putting up some new activities at the end of this week so now is your chance to have a go at any you haven’t finished yet.


Supporting our Community - There are a lot of people in our community who will be feeling extra lonely at the moment.  Why not make some art-work, draw a rainbow and display it in your window, or write a letter?  Talk with your grown-up about someone who you think would like to receive this.


My email address is - please feel free to contact with any questions, queries or exciting pieces of work that you would like to share with me.





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