Year 5

Week commencing 1st June. 


Hello Year 5 blush

I hope you have had a lovely and relaxing half term week. There are a few differences in regards to the home learning - please see below.  


An example of a home learning daily timetable:


9.00-9:30 - Get active! The Body Coach is providing free fitness content on his YouTube channel every weekday morning for children of all ages. We have also been provided with a login and password to RealPE at home which includes a variety of activities that children can take part in:

Parent email:
Password: stmarysrcp

You may have also noticed that I have posted the details for the Robbie Hawkes YouTube TV on the blog. They have created some coaching videos on football skills which can be seen on their YouTube page. 

9:30-9:45 - TT Rock Stars.

I will update the class via the class blog on Friday with our top 10 and our average time spent on TTRS over the 7 days. 

9:45-10.30 - Maths.

For maths I have included the video links, worksheets and answers for the White Rose home-learning scheme. This means that you no longer need to visit the website. You should now be moving on to Summer Term Week 6. Some of you have found it easier to print on the booklet and then complete it that way. You can also complete the booklet on your tablet. The instructions on how to do this are in the White Rose star. The Friday Maths Challenge is not yet available on the website - as soon as it becomes available I will add the link in with the other White Rose resources. 

I have also added another week to the daily arithmetic star. I will continue updating this weekly. 

I have also left the link for Corbett Maths which can be completed daily. 

There are also some problem solving activities and links to games to help reinforce their learning. 


10.45-11.10 - Handwriting, spellings and Spelling Shed. 

I will update the class via the class blog every Thursday in regards to Spelling Shed. Remember, the expectation is for you to go on it 4 days out of the 7. 

Each week I will be setting new spellings. These will be on Spelling Shed and also in the 'Spelling' star in the English section. Just like we would do in class, please make sure that you use this time to also practice your handwriting. 

11.10-12.00 - Writing activity - this half term your activities will be all around South America. Each week I will provide you with new tasks for you to complete. 

Remember to continue checking out the 'Our Work' star so that you can see examples of our work. 

Don't forget there is also the 'Story Starter' star - these are there as an extra activity. 

Remember, there are also the Grammar Hammer and Vocab Ninja activities available. 



There are a variety of options that you can choose for your afternoon activity:

  • In the afternoon activities star you will notice there is a new project which gives you the opportunity to capture the unique situation we are currently living in. This is a whole school activity and is called Time Capsule.
  • Choose one of the 15 activities to do at home which you have not yet done. 
  • Please continue to read books from home and school. I would love to hear about the books that you are all reading and as a class we are brilliant at recommending books to our friends. Let's continue doing this. Remember, we have the blog as a way of communicating as a class. I will keep posting on this so please feel free to comment and update me on your learning. 
  • It is very important to help to support your local community at this time, write a letter or draw a picture to someone in self isolation, video-call or telephone anyone who is on their own.
  • I will continue to upload some of the daily lessons from the BBC Bitesize website (Afternoon Activities) which are relevant to our previous learning in the Learning Challenge Curriculum. This will be a great way to recap on their learning of history, science and geography. I have also included some lessons which will act as pre-learning for their learning next year. 
  • You should all have received an email from school in regards to your Active Learn login details. The website includes lots of reading resources which I will be able to monitor. The link is included in the 'Afternoon Activities' star. When you are reading one of the books on the site, there are multiple questions that you will be able to answer. This will help improve our comprehension skills. Please provide me with as much feedback as you can on this site as it is one that we are trialing. 



My email address is - please feel free to contact with with any questions, queries or exciting pieces of work that you would like to share with me. 



2019 KS2 Outcomes - Writing 88% EXS. 24% GD Reading 88% EXS. 53% GD Maths 94% EXS. 41% GD SPAG 94% EXS. 65%GD